Sept. 30 – Oct. 2
Convergence Science & Education

ESMRMB 2020 Online Programme

All times given in CEST

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September 30, 2020
Time Room A Time Room B
Translational Trends: What’s Coming to the Clinic?

Chair: C. Faber, Münster/DE, I.M. Nöbauer-Huhmann, Vienna/AT
08:00 Metabolic MRI and MR Spectroscopy
J. Prompers, Utrecht/NL
08:20 Novel Contrasts and Alternatives to Gd
D. Paech, Heidelberg/DE
08:40 Q&A

GREC – Welcome

Chair: A. Rovira, Barcelona/ES
08:00 Welcome and Practical Meeting Issues
A. Rovira, Barcelona/ES
08:05 Introduction by ESMRMB-GREC Chairs
C.C. Quattrocchi, Rome/IT, A. Nederveen, Amsterdam/NL

GREC – 2020 Update on gadolinium research

Chair: A. Nederveen, Amsterdam/NL, C.C. Quattrocchi, Rome/IT
08:10 What is new in gadolinium chemistry & speciation?
S. Aime, Torino/IT, E. Gianolio, Torino/IT
08:25 What is new in gadolinium deposition in brain and body?
A. Radbruch, Bonn/DE
08:40 Q&A

Opening and Plenary Session ‘Sustainable MRI’

Chair: A. Rockall, London/UK, M. Smits, Rotterdam/NL
09:15 Opening Ceremony
A. Rockall, London/UK, M. Smits, Rotterdam/NL
09:25 Sustainability in MRI
A. Webb, Leiden/NL
09:40 Open Source Magnetic Resonance Imaging
L. Winter, Berlin/DE
09:55 Building a Sustainable Diagnostic Imaging Clinic in Subsaharan Africa
A. Fatade, Lagos/NG
10:10 Q&A

Frontiers in Preclinical MRI – Imaging Brain Function & Microstructure

Chair: C. Faber, Münster/DE, J. Klohs, Zurich/CH
10:30 Welcome and Introduction
C. Faber, Münster/DE
10:35 Bridging the Translational Gap in Stroke Research: A Preclinical Perspective
M. Dobrivojevic Radmilovic, Zagreb/HR
10:50 Measuring Network Function in the Mouse Brain with MRI. Principles for Refinement
V. Zerbi, Zurich/CH
11:05 Combining fMRI with electrical recording and stimulation in anesthetized and awake rats
O. Gröhn, Kuopio/FI
11:20 Q&A

GREC – Keynote Lectures

Chair: A. Nederveen, Amsterdam/NL, C.C. Quattrocchi, Rome/IT
10:30 Gadolinium deposition disease. Does it exist?
J. Ramalho, Lisbon/PT
11:00 Intrathecal GBCA for evaluating the glymphatic system and craniospinal molecular clearance
G.A. Ringstad, Oslo/NO
11:30 Q&A

Frontiers in Preclinical MRI – Cardiac Imaging

Chair: C. Faber, Münster/DE, K. Vandoorne, Eindhoven/NL
11:30 Radial 4D Phase-contrast Acquisition Strategies to Quantify and Visualize Blood Flow Hemodynamics in Vivo
V. Hoerr, Münster/DE
11:45 Pushing the Boundaries of Preclinical Cardiac MRI
J. Schneider, Leeds/UK
12:00 Longitudinal in vivo non-invasive multimodal imaging of neuroinflammation and cerebrovascular parameters in experimental stroke and assessment of drug efficiency following the 3R principles
C. Barca, Münster/DE
12:10 In vivo MRI characterization of the Xlf-/- mouse model of genetic radiosensitivity following low-dose in utero irradiation
L. Mouton, Gif sur Yvette/FR
12:20 Q&A

GREC – Gadolinium in the environment

Chair: O. Clement, Paris/FR, C.C. Quattrocchi, Rome/IT
11:50 GBCA in waste / river water
G. Stroomberg, Nieuwegein/NL
12:00 GBCA in drinking water
U. Karst, Münster/DE
12:10 Removal of Gadolinium from the environment
G. Stroomberg, Nieuwegein/NL
12:20 Q&A

Industry Symposium Bruker – Creating the Future of MRI

Creating the Future of MRI
T. Wokrina
News from Bruker Nuclear Molecular Imaging
M. Heidenreich


Frontiers in Preclinical MRI – Cancer Imaging

Chair: C. Faber, Münster/DE, U. Himmelreich, Leuven/BE
14:30 The Role of MRI in Experimental Cancer Models
R. Canese, Rome/IT
14:45 Multimodal Imaging of the Tumour Microenvironment
M. Neeman, Rehovot/IL
15:00 Q&A

GREC – Gadolinium dose reduction / gadolinium-free MRI strategies

Chair: A. Radbruch, Heidelberg/DE, A. Rovira, Barcelona/ES
14:30 Non-Gadolinium based contrast agents
D. Longo, Rome/IT
14:40 GBCAs reduction: the REDUCE study
A. Nederveen, Amsterdam/NL, C. Lavini, Amsterdam/NL
14:50 CNS MRI
T. Granberg, Stockholm/SE
15:00 MSK MRI
J.C. Vilanova, Girona/ES
15:10 Q&A
15:20 Abdominal MRI
M. Ramalho, Almada/PT
15:30 Cardiovascular MRI
T. Leiner, Utrecht/NL
15:40 GBCAs overuse
O. Clement, Paris/FR
15:50 Q&A

Frontiers in Preclinical MRI – Molecular Imaging

Chair: C. Faber, Münster/DE, P. Marzola, Verona/IT
15:10 Inorganic Nanofluorides as Tunable Small-sized Nanotracers for 19F-MRI
A. Bar-Shir, Rehovot/IL
15:25 Parahydrogen Polarized Metabolites for Biological Studies
E. Cavallari, Rome/IT
15:40 Targeting of cancer integrins by using RGD/Gd-Giant Unilamellar vesicles by exploiting Magnetization Transfer Contrast MRI
G. Ferrauto, Rome/IT
15:50 Q&A

GREC – Summary & Conclusions

Chair: A. Nederveen, Amsterdam/NL, C.C. Quattrocchi, Rome/IT
15:50 Adjourn
A. Nederveen, Amsterdam/NL, C.C. Quattrocchi, Rome/IT

Scientific Session – Preclinical MRI

Chair: C. Faber, Münster/DE, K. Vandoorne, Eindhoven/NL
16:30 MRSI-observed pattern changes as immune system activity biomarker: the contribution of microglia/macrophages.
P. Calero-Perez, Cerdanyola del Vallès/ES
16:36 Quantitative assessment of gadolinium-enhancing lesion burden in experimental neuroinflammatory disease using T1 mapping
P. Ramos Delgado, Berlin/DE
16:42 Performance of Compressed Sensing for detecting low SNR 19F MRI in Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis using Prospective Undersampling
L. Starke, Berlin/DE
16:48 Blood brain barrier opening with mannitol.Impact on brain metabolism, a proton MRS study.
A. Viola, Marseille/FR
16:54 Quantifying different iron forms in aceruloplasminemia brain to explore iron-related neurodegeneration
L. Bossoni, Leiden/NL
17:00 A detailed in vitro and in vivo comparison of D-Glucose and 3-O-Methyl-D-glucose as MRI-CEST contrast agents
A. Anemone, Torino/IT
17:06 Q&A

Improving Clinical and Research Care in MRI

Chair: J. McNulty, Dublin/IE, V. Silva, Porto/PT
16:30 Patient Preparation & Patient Care: Doing Things Better
A. Cradock, Dublin/IE
16:45 Exploring a Child’s Journey: Little Steps with a Big Impact
C. Simcock, London/UK
17:00 Research Volunteers: Are We Doing Enough?
C. Malamateniou, London/UK
17:15 Q&A

GliMR: Convergence in Glioma MR Imaging

Chair: P. Figueiredo, Lisbon/PT, E. Warnert, Rotterdam/NL
17:45 Intro to GliMR COST Action
E. Warnert, Rotterdam/NL
17:55 MRI for Radiation Therapy in Glioma
M.F. Spadea, Catanzaro/IT
18:11 Collaboratively Building Large Neuroimaging Datasets for Glioma Research
C. Maumet, Rennes/FR
18:26 Molecular and Cellular Hallmarks of Brain Tumours: Prognostic & Therapeutic Insights
B. Costa, Braga/PT
18:42 Q&A

Early Career Researchers

Chair: L. Vaclavu, Leiden/NL, M Zhao, Stanford/US
What’s next in your career? It’s a matter of perspective
M. Bright
C. Johnson
Z. Nagy
D. Porter
A. Rakhimova
R. Ramb
M. Willemink

Frontiers in Preclinical MRI – 3Rs

Chair: C. Faber, Münster/DE, U. Himmelreich, Leuven/BE
19:00 Introduction to the 3R principle
A. Mensen, Basel/CH
19:20 Short Presentations
19:30 Open Discussion

Early Career Researchers Committee Drinks


October 1, 2020
Time Room A   Time Room B
MR Safety

Chair: E. Oei, Rotterdam/NL, F. Schick, Tübingen/DE
08:00 A Primer on MR Safety
W. Teeuwisse, Leiden/NL
08:20 Problems in Higher Field & Real-time Assessment
T. Fiedler, Heidelberg/DE
08:40 Q&A

Basic Principles of AI for Acquisition

Chair: B. Poser, Maastricht/NL, N. van den Berg, Utrecht/NL
08:00 Basic Approaches of Using AI for MR Acquisition and Reconstruction
K. Hammernik, London/UK
08:20 Model-based AI image reconstruction in MRI
F. Knoll, New York/US
08:40 Q&A

Plenary Session ‘MR in Translational Medicine’

Chair: C. Faber, Münster/DE, E. Oei, Rotterdam/NL
09:15 DVT: From Bench-side to Bed-side
A. Phinikaridou, London/UK
09:30 Elasticity Imaging: From Fibrosis & Tumor Pressure to Mechanotransduction & Visualizing Primary Neuronal Activity
R. Sinkus, Paris/FR
09:45 Cardiac Perfusion as an Example of Clinical Translation
E. Nagel, Frankfurt/DE
10:00 Q&A

Physiological MRI of MSK Systems

Chair: E. Oei, Rotterdam/NL, I.M. Nöbauer-Huhmann, Vienna/AT
10:30 Cartilage: MR Assessment of Cartilage Quality & Repair Tissue
S. Trattnig, Vienna/AT
10:45 Muscle: Deep Tissue Injury & Avoidance of Pressure Ulcers
G. Strijkers, Amsterdam/NL
11:00 Bone Marrow: Composition & Relation to Diseases
D. Karampinos, Munich/DE
11:15 Q&A

Scientific Session – Acquisition & Reconstruction

Chair: C. Prieto-Vasquez, London/UK, B. Poser, Maastricht/NL
10:30 Filling the ZTE Dead-Time Gap with Parallel Imaging
T. Wood, London/UK
10:36 Fast high-quality and -resolution multi parameter mapping (MPM) at 7 Tesla using skipped-CAIPI 3D-EPI
D. Wang, Bonn/DE
10:42 Regularized joint water/fat separation and B0 map estimation for Echo-Planar Imaging
Y. Dong, Leiden/NL
10:48 Phase-immune multi-shot gradient echo EPI with adiabatic phaseless encoding
C. Sainz Martinez, Zurich/CH
10:54 Towards Simultaneous T1, T2 and T1ρ Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting for Contrast-free Myocardial Tissue Characterization
C. Velasco, London/UK
11:00 3D Isotropic-resolution Motion Compensated Simultaneous Liver T1, T2 and fat fraction mapping
G. Milotta, London/UK
11:06 Q&A
11:30 High-resolution perfusion and blood-volume fMRI at 7T with simultaneous multi-slice spiral-out acquisitions
D. Kurban, Maastricht/NL
11:36 Fast and quiet MPRAGE using a silent gradient axis
E. Versteeg, Utrecht/NL
11:42 Removal of Magnetization Transfer Contrast for Variable-Delay Multi-Pulse Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (VDMP-CEST) imaging of the human brain at 7T
B. Schmitz-Abecassis, Leiden/NL
11:48 Calibration-free static RF shimming for localised MR spectroscopy
A. Berrington, Nottingham/UK
11:54 Deuterium Metabolic Imaging of [2H9]choline simultaneously with that of [6,6 2H2]glucose in tumors
A. Heerschap, Nijmegen/NL
12:00 Readout-segmented COKE: a technique for echo-planar spectroscopic imaging at 7 tesla with high spectral bandwidth and suppression of Nyquist errors in the spectral domain
G. Keith, Glasgow/UK
12:06 Q&A


Chair: E. Oei, Rotterdam/NL, J. Wikström, Uppsala/SE
11:30 AI for MR Image Quality Harmonization and Radiomics Analysis
A. Alberich-Bayarri, Valencia/ES
11:45 Synthetic Imaging for Quantitative MRI
C. Alberola, Valladolid/ES
12:00 Bias in Quantification: Do Existing Tools Offer Comparable Results?
F. Navarro, Málaga/ES
12:15 Q&A

Industry Symposium – GE – Refining Neuro Clinical Management with an Optimised Fast Gradient MR

13:00 Introduction
Fotis Vlachos, PhD – GE Healthcare, Europe
13:02 Upgrading to a high gradient 3.0T MR system: Optimization of the MR protocols for a better clinical patient management
Prof. Damien Galanaud – Hôpital Pitié Salpêtrière, Paris
13:22 Q&A

Industry Symposium – Siemens – Exploring New Frontiers in MRI, Together

Translate 7T research power into clinical care
Nicolas Behl, Siemens Healthineers, Erlangen, Germany
A story of ICE and FIRE: A new prototyping environment for advanced reconstruction and post-processing
Kelvin Chow, Siemens Healthineers, Chicago, USA

Clinical Trends in Neuroimaging

Chair: M. Smits, Rotterdam/NL, M. Tosetti, Pisa/IT
14:30 Cerebral Perfusion Imaging and 4D-MRA Without Contrast Agents
M. Sokolska, London/UK
14:50 CEST: APT and Beyond
D. Paech, Heidelberg/DE
15:10 MRI of Inflammation
M. Cercignani, Sussex/UK
15:30 Q&A

Scientific Session – AI in Action

Chair: E. Scheurer, Basel/CH, M. Zhao, Stanford/US
14:30 A deep-learning approach to accelerated T1-T2-relaxation-correlation imaging
S. Endt, Garching/DE
14:36 Generation of Fully Annotated Abdominal T1-weighted MR Ground Truth Data for Image Segmentation and Registration using CycleGANs and the XCAT Phantom
D.F. Bauer, Mannheim/DE
14:42 Autoencoding T1 using MRzero for simultaneous sequence optimization and neural network training.
H. Nam Dang, Erlangen/DE
14:48 Super Resolution of Dynamic MRI using Deep Learning, Enhanced by Prior-Knowledge
C. Sarasaen, Magdeburg/DE
14:54 Comparison of three B1 correction methods for RARE MRI with transceive surface RF probes
P. Ramos Delgado, Berlin/DE
15:00 Q&A
15:20 Simultaneous Noise Suppression and Edge Preservation in Phase-based MRI Conductivity Mapping
A. Karsa, London/UK
15:26 Comparing the SPIJN algorithm with conventional NNLS for myelin water fraction mapping
R. Berg, Munich/DE
15:32 Towards a Representative Estimation of the MRI-Visible Axon-Radius Distribution using Large-Scale Light Microscopy Images
S. Papazoglou, Hamburg/DE
15:38 Classification of Motion Corrupted Brain MR Images using Deep Learning Techniques
A. Sciarra, Magdeburg/DE
15:44 Q&A

Scientific Session – Clinical Applications of MRI

Chair: R. Manfredi, Rome/IT, A. Webb, Leiden/NL
16:30 Technical recommendations for renal MRI involving ASL, BOLD, DWI, T1 and T2 mapping: a consensus project of the Cooperation in Science and Technology Action PARENCHIMA
I. Dekkers, Voorburg/NL
16:36 Longitudinal Visibility of MRI findings in living Victims of Strangulation
C. Hollenstein, Basel/CH
16:42 Applicator Visualization for High-dose-rate Endorectal Brachytherapy Using Ultrashort Echo Time Imaging
E. Ercan, Leiden/NL
16:48 Muscular fat infiltration in FSHD starts with a “fat burst” near the distal tendon and advances towards the proximal tendon
A. Heerschap, Nijmegen/NL
16:54 Improved therapy planning for eye tumors: a comparison between MRI and conventional ultrasound
L. Klaassen, Leiden/NL
17:00 Preliminary results of application of machine learning to WB-MRI in the staging of colorectal cancer: the MALIBO study
A. Fagan, London/UK
17:06 Q&A

Scientific Session – Interventional MRI

Chair: E. Scheurer, Basel/CH, M. Zaitsev, Vienna/AT
16:30 Specific absorption rate in a dedicated birdcage coil for neonatal MRI
R. Kowal, Magdeburg/DE
16:36 MRI-guided ultrasound therapy to overcome the chemotherapy resistance in ovarian cancer
D. Patrucco, Torino/IT
16:42 3D brain imaging at 50 mT in a Halbach-based permanent magnet MRI scanner
T. O’Reilly, Leiden/NL
16:48 32-Channel Lightweight Dipole RF Array for Cardiac MRI at 7.0 Tesla
T. Wilhelm Eigentler, Berlin/DE
16:54 Metamaterial inspired volumetric resonator for targeted MRI of the breast at 1.5T
V. Puchnin, St. Petersburg/RU
17:00 RF safety evaluation of an 8-channel dipole array for neonatal brain and cardiac MR at 7T parallel-transmit
J. Clément, London/UK
17:06 Q&A

CAMERA – Working Group Meeting

Chair: U. Anazodo, London/UK, A. Webb, Leiden/NL

17:45 Introduction to CAMERA
U. Anazodo, London/CA
17:55 Doing Much with little: Benefits and Challenges of Low Field MRI in Africa
G. Ogbole, Ibadan/NG
18:07 Expanding the Imaging Enterprise and Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Africa
F. Dako, Pennsylvania/USA
18:19 Installation of an MRI system in Mozambique – Implementation, difficulties, and impact
M.F. Forjaz Secca, Maputo/MZ
18:32 – Q & A and panel discussion

Collaboration Session – renal MRI, PARENCHIMA

Chair: E. Scheurer, Basel/CH, M. Wolf, Vienna/AT
17:45 Introduction to PARENCHIMA (
M. Wolf, Vienna/AT
17:55 Renal Physiology in a Nutshell: How do Kidneys Work and What Causes Kidney Damage?
M. Pruijm, Lausanne/CH
18:07 Repeatability and Sensitivity of MRI Biomarkers of CKD, Relation to GFR and UACR
I. Friedli, Mölndal/SE
18:19 BOLD-MRI: A Breath of Fresh Air in the Study of Kidney Diseases
M. Pruijm, Lausanne/CH
18:31 Pre-transplant Kidney Assessment 2.0 – Are We Ready?
C. Moers, Groningen/NL
18:43 Translating Functional Renal MRI into Clinical Practice: A Historical Evolution
D. Pendse, London/UK
18:55 Q&A

October 2, 2020
Time Room A   Time Room B
Real-time Imaging

Chair: R. Bowtell, Nottingham/UK, M. Zaitsev, Vienna/AT
08:00 Intraoperative Imaging & Image-Guided Therapy
B. Quesson, Bordeaux/FR
08:20 Undersampling & Reconstruction Strategies for Fast Imaging in Interventional MRI
C. Kolbitsch, Berlin/DE
08:40 Q&A

Assessment of AI Tools & Public Datasets

Chair: M. Blackledge, London/UK, D. Sappey-Marinier, Lyon/FR
08:00 Introduction of AI for Radiology into Clinical Practice
A. Andreychenko, Moscow/RU
08:20 AI in Radiology: State-of-the-Art and Future Needs
G. Langs, Vienna/AT
08:40 Q&A

Plenary Session ‘Evolving Therapy Options with MRI’

Chair: R. Bowtell, Nottingham/UK, N. van den Berg, Utrecht/NL
09:15 Hardware Design for MR-guided Therapy
J. Overweg, Hamburg/DE
09:30 MRI techniques for MR-guided Therapy
C. Moonen, Utrecht/NL
09:45 Clinical Impact of MR-guided Therapy
R. Razavi, London/UK
10:00 Q&A

Artefacts incl. Metal: Challenges & Solutions

Chair: R. Bowtell, Nottingham/UK, E. Oei, Rotterdam/NL
10:30 Concepts and MR Strategies to Minimize Metal Artefacts
M. Nittka, Erlangen/DE
10:45 A Radiologist’s Perspective on Metal Artefacts & Implants
R. Sutter, Zurich/CH
11:00 Metal & RF: Safety Issues
T. Owman, Lund/SE
11:15 Q&A

Scientific Session – Brain & fMRI

Chair: S. Assili, Oulu/FI, B. Poser, Maastricht/NL
10:30 Measuring cerebrovascular reactivity in patients with Moyamoya Disease: Comparison of resting-state BOLD fMRI to breath-hold BOLD fMRI
L. Zerweck, Tübingen/DE
10:36 Postmortem Temperature and its Effect on Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging
C. Berger, Basel/CH
10:42 Intracellular Water Lifetime: a new in vivo biomarker of glioma cell invasion/migration by FFC NMR relaxometry
M.R. Ruggiero, Torino/IT
10:48 Perfusion imaging with Arterial Spin Labeling (ASL)-MRI predicts malignant progression in low-grade (WHO grade II) gliomas
C.M. Flies, Utrecht/NL
10:54 Variations in Brain Magnetic Susceptibility in Sickle Cell Anaemia
R. Murdoch, London/UK
11:00 Increased cerebrovascular reactivity during spontaneous migraine attacks compared to pain-free periods
S. Cotrim, Lisbon/PT
11:06 Q&A
11:30 fMRI brain activation during a novel VR-based motor imagery and observation task: comparison with a conventional motor imagery task
J. Nunes, Lisbon/PT
11:36 Spiral in/out trajectory with GIRF prediction for passband bSSFP fMRI at 7T
M. Veldmann, Bonn/DE
11:42 Arterial blood contrast (ABC) enabled by magnetization transfer (MT): a novel MRI technique for enhancing the measurement of brain activation changes beyond BOLD
J. Schulz, Nijmegen/NL
11:48 Abnormal Dynamic Functional Connectivity State in Cerebral Small Vessel Disease
M. Palma, Lisbon/PT
11:54 Comparison between pulsed and pseudo-continuos arterial spin labeling with single-shot 3D GRASE readout for fMRI at 3T
D. Ivanov, Maastricht/NL
12:00 Proton MRS of the foetal brain at 3T : normality
A. Viola, Marseille/FR
12:06 Q&A

Response Prediction with MR

Chair: M. Blackledge, London/UK, M. Tosetti, Pisa/IT
11:30 Imaging MR Biomarkers in Oncology
M. McLean, Cambridge/UK
11:50 7T MR: The Future Chemical Imaging Tool for Therapy
J. Wijnen, Utrecht/NL
12:10 Q&A


Industry Symposium PHILIPS – Partnering to Deliver Speed, Comfort and Confidence

Chair: Allison Stroud
13:00 Introduction
A. Stroud
13:05 Increasing the speed of MRI by AI-based reconstructions
Matthias van Osch
13:25 Quantitative MRI in clinical practice
Jonathan R. Dillmann
13:45 Closing

Motion & Artefacts in the Chest & Abdomen

Chair: C. Prieto-Vasquez, London/UK, J.C. Vilanova, Girona/ES
14:30 Update: Physical Principles to Freeze Physiologic Motion
T. Küstner, Tübingen/DE
14:50 Cardiac & Chest MRI
C. Beigelmann-Aubry, Lausanne/CH
15:10 Motion in the Abdomen & Pelvis
R. Manfredi, Rome/IT
15:30 Q&A

Scientific Session – Diffusion & Perfusion

Chair: P. Figueiredo, Lisbon/PT, M. van Osch, Leiden/NL
14:30 Investigating the white matter compartmental R2 orientational anisotropy
E. Kleban, Cardiff/UK
14:36 A novel superficial white matter connectivity atlas of the chimpanzee brain
M. Chauvel, Gif-Sur-Yvette/FR
14:42 Abbreviated DWI protocol for Gaussian and Non-Gaussian diffusion: Application to an Alzheimer mouse model
R. Golgolab, Gif-Sur-Yvette/FR
14:48 Relationship between R2(*) Relaxation and Gd-DTPA Concentration in Whole Blood Assessed by Simulations
D. van Dorth, Leiden/NL
14:54 Exchange time as a proxy measure of blood brain barrier integrity – A two-stage estimation
A. Mahroo, Bremen/DE
15:00 Q&A
15:20 Feasibility of Spatio-temporal Encoding for Arterial Spin Labelling at location with strong magnetic field inhomogeneities
M. Schuurmans, Utrecht/NL
15:26 Evaluation of treatment efficacy in asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis patients by clinically applicable hemodynamic MRI and cognitive testing
S. Kaczmarz, Munich/DE
15:32 Comparing The Repeatability of Cerebrovascular Reactivity Measurements Using PET/MRI
M. Zhao, Stanford/US
15:38 Comparison of Diffusion-weighted Imaging (DWI), Perfusion-weighted imaging (PWI) and MR spectroscopy (MRS) as a biomarkers for therapy response after stereotactic radiosurgery in patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme (GBM): our experience.
P.P. Arcuri, Catanzaro/IT
15:44 Q&A

Roundtable Discussion: Convergence in MRI

Chair: G. Langs, Vienna/AT

Panellists: M. Vidorreta, Madrid/ES
S. Punwani, London/UK
L.-A. Harsan, Strasbourg/FR
J.A. Hernandez-Tamames, Rotterdam/NL