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Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine

Editor-in-Chief: David Norris

MAGMA is the Official Journal of the European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology (ESMRMB).
Impact Factor: 2,3

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MAGMA is a multidisciplinary international journal devoted to the publication of articles on all aspects of magnetic resonance techniques and their applications in medicine and biology. The subject areas covered by MAGMA include advances in materials, hardware and software in magnetic resonance technology; new developments and results in research and practical applications of magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy related to biology and medicine; study of animal models and intact cells and reports of clinical trials on humans and clinical validation of magnetic resonance protocols.

In addition to regular issues, the journal also publishes special issues:

Planned Special issue on Technological developments in hyperpolarized 13C imaging – toward a deeper understanding of tumor metabolism in vivo. Click here for the call for papers.

Special issue on magnetic resonance imaging biomarkers of renal disease

Special Issue on Fluorine-19 Magnetic Resonance: Technical Solutions, Research Promises and Frontier Applications

“Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance”
with Tim Leiner and Gustav Strijkers as Guest Editors (February 2018)

“Tissue segmentaton in MRI” with Fritz Schick as Guest-Editor (April 2016)
“Ultrahigh Field MR: Cutting Edge Technologies Meet Clinical Practice” with Thoralf Niendorf, Markus Barth, Frank Kober, Siegfried Trattnig as Guest-Editors (June 2016)

“X-nucleus magnetic resonance imaging”
with Lothar Schad and Simon Konstandin as Guest-editors  (February 2014)

“MRI and PET together: friends or foes”
with Thomas Beyer and Ewald Moser as Guest-editors (February 2013)

“Arterial Spin Labeling MRI”
with David Alsop as Guest-editor (published in April 2012)
“MR Thermometry“ with Robert Turner as Guest-editor (published in February 2012)

MAGMA’s impact and dissemination is rapidly increasing:

  • Manuscript submissions in constant progression
  • The shortest publication cycle among all MR journals!
  • Only 5 weeks for the reviewing process and 3 weeks for time to publication online after final acceptation
  • MAGMA is currently read by thousands of institutions worldwide through the Springer library consortia
  • More than hundred full-text article downloads daily in 2014

As a bonus to authors, MAGMA keeps with its policy of not applying charges for color illustrations!