Be part of ESMRMB 2021 – Broadening the MRI spectrum – and enjoy the invited programme

Main Congress 7-9 October 2021

Focus Topic
Exploiting the field extremes:  from technology to applications

  • Plenary session: Clinical promises at both extremes of the field-strength spectrum
  • Teaching session 1: New technologies for very high and very low field strengths
  • Teaching session 2: The neuroscientific impact of ultra-high field MRI
  • Teaching session 3: Off the beaten track – opening windows into metabolism
  • Roundtable Discussion: When less is more: the view of MRI vendors on low field MRI
  • Hot Topic Debate: Ultra-low or ultra-high field?

Focus Topic
Combining MRI with new materials and techniques

  • Plenary session: Practical means to enhance clinical MRI with novel metamaterials
  • Teaching session 1: Multimodal MRI
  • Teaching session 2: MRI for therapy

Focus Topic
AI acreoss the full MRI pipeline

  • Teaching session 1: Preparing data for AI: database curation & data sharing
  • Teaching session 2: AI in MRI acquisition/reconstruction
  • Teaching session 3: AI in MRI quantification
  • Teaching session 4: AI in MRI clinical applications / validation
  • Roundtable Discussion: Challenges and solutions in data sharing

Special Sessions

  • MRI research in times of Covid-19: A dialogue
  • Session with EFOMP (European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics): Low- and ultra-low field MRI – all set for rebirth?

Collaborative Sessions

  • B-Q Minded: European Training Network on Q-MRI
  • HYBRID: European Training Network on Hybrid Imaging
  • NOVA-MRI: European Training Network on Novel Applications in 19F MRI
  • GliMR: COST Action in Glioma MR Imaging
  • org: MRI Biomarkers for Kidney Disease
  • TRISTAN: a Consortium for validating Translational Imaging in Drug Safety Assessment

Sidetrack Sessions

  • ECRC (Early Career Researchers Committee) Session: Career paths
  • From research to commercialisation
  • How to get an EU grant

ESMRMB’s Working Group Meeting

  • ECRC (Early Career Researchers Committee) Session: Career paths
  • From research to commercialisation
  • How to get an EU grant

Pre-congress meetings (6 October 2021)

Preclinical Meeting
Overarching topic: Standardization in Preclinical MR

ESMRMB’s Working Group meeting
– GREC: Gadolineum Research & Education Committee

Educational Courses
– Schook of MRI (SMRI): Bone Marrow MRI (organised by Kai Vilanova, Antonio Luna)
– Lectures on MR (LMR): Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping (QSM) and beyond (organised by Karin Shmueli)
– Hands on MRI (HoMRI) /Clinical Optimisation: MRI Contrast Agents (organized by Jonathan McNulty). This will be the follow-up from a teaser webinar on 22 September