Frontiers in Preclinical MRI

Where Imaging Sciences, Life Sciences and Medicine Meet

October 6, 2021, online
11:00 – 17:30


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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this symposium attendees will be able to:

  • Provide an update of the state-of-the-art and the relevance of preclinical MRI
  • Discuss the added value of preclinical MR in translational research
  • Understand the needs for biological validation of MR imaging findings to clarify the link to molecular biology and physiology
  • Explain technical recommendations for preclinical MR to ensure accuracy & precision and quality assurance
  • Explore the scalability, automation and cost-efficiency of preclinical MRI
  • Recognize the opportunities for discovery and challenges of preclinical MRI
  • Discuss new practical aspects and needs of preclinical MRI
Scientific Programme


Imaging Brain Function and Microstructure
“Multi-scale imaging” – Tim Dyrby (Copenhagen)
“The brain under anesthesia – MR comparison of rodents and primates” – Susann Boretius (Göttingen)

12:00-12:10 Short Break

Progress in Cardiac Imaging
“Quantification of Mouse Heart Left Ventricular Function and Hemodynamic Forces by Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonsnce Imaging” – Gustav Strijkers (Amsterdam)
“Using hyperpolarized 13C MRI to probe cardiac metabolism in health and disease” – Kerstin Timm (Oxford)

Industry Lunch Symsposium – BRUKER

Frontiers in Cancer Imaging
“Quantitative MRI for characterizing tissue microstructure in lymph nodes” – Andrada Ianus (Lisbon)
“Imaging response to targeted therapies in tumor xenografts using 13C-MRI/MRS” – Benedicte Jordan (Leuven)

14:50-15:00 Short Break

Molecular MR Imaging
“Cardiovascular and pulmonary MR-based molecular imaging” – Jesus Ruiz Cabello (San Sebastian)
“New perspectives for the study of the Central Nervous System using CEST-MRI” – Julien Flament (Fontenay-aux-Roses)

15:50-16:00 Short Break

Moderated Discussion: Standardization in Preclinical MR
Joanes Grandjean (Nijmegen)
Emmanuel Barbier (Grenoble)
Tim Wokrina (Ettlingen)