Standing Committees

Coordination Committee

R. Bowtell, UK (chairperson)
R. Achten, BE
M. Smits, NL
A. Webb, NL
M. Günther, DE
D. Prayer, AT

Education and Workshop Committee

J. Wikström (chairperson)
F. Breuer, DE
J. McNulty, IE
P. Tyrrell, UK
P. Figuereido, PT
F. Pizzini, IT
M. Graves, UK
C. Faber, DE
I. Nöbauer-Huhmann, AT

Nomination and Awards Committee

R. Achten, BE  (chairperson)
D. Prayer,AT
M. Günther, DE
T. Leiner, NL

Finance Committee

D. Prayer, AT (chairperson)
R. Achten, BE
A. Webb, NL
V. Schöpf, AT
V. Schmidt, DE

Committee on Industry Relations

R. Achten, BE (chairperson)
D. Prayer, AT
F. Breuer, DE
J. McNulty, IE
P. Tyrrell, UK
X. Golay, UK
R. Bowtell, UK

School of MRI Steering Committee

Prudencia Tyrrell
Director, School of MRI
Radiologist, Department of Radiology
Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital

Jens Bremerich
Radiologist, Department of Radiology
University Hospital of Basel

Joan C. Carlos Vilanova Busquets
Radiologist, Department of Radiology
University of Girona/ES

Davide Farina
Radiologist, Departement of Radiology
University of Brecia/IT

Nicholas Gourtsoyiannis
Radiologist, Department of Radiology
University Hospital of Iraklion

Alexander Leemans
Physicist, University Medical Center Utrecht
Image Sciences Institute (ISI)

Riccardo Manfredi
Radiologist, Radiology Department
“A. Gemelli” Hospital
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Rome/IT

Eva Scheurer
Director, Health Department Basel
Institute of Forensic Medicine
University of Basel/CH

Stefan Sunaert
Radiologist, Radiology Department
University Hospitals Leuven/BE

Siegfried Trattnig
Medical Director of the Centre of Excellence for High-field MR
Department of Radiology
Medical University Vienna/AT

Representatives of National Societies

P. Akeson, DK
A. M. Agildere, TR
D. Aragno, IT
Ch. Chrysanthou-Baustert, CY
J. Felblinger, FR
S. Kharuzhyk, BY
L. Marti-Bonmati, ES
R. Muller, BE
R. Neilson, UK
P. Paolantonio, IT
J. Tintera, CZ
A. van der Linden, BE
A. Wanderás, NO

MAGMA Editorial Board

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