The ESMRMB is pleased to be on the board of EIBIR as co-shareholder in order to support biomedical imaging research in Europe. The ESMRMB participates in the General Meetings and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board.

The European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research (EIBIR) supports researchers and industry partners in the coordination of biomedical imaging research throughout Europe and beyond. It is EIBIR’s mission to coordinate and support the development of biomedical imaging technologies and the dissemination of knowledge with the ultimate goal of improving diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.

As an organisation, EIBIR relies on its over 110 actively contributing Network Members. It is a platform open to all disciplines with an interest in biomedical imaging and welcomes bottom-up initiatives and active involvement. Find out more about EIBIR and EIBIR Network Membership benefits on the EIBIR website.

For more information about past and current EIBIR activities and research projects, download the EIBIR Annual Scientific Report or subscribe to the EIBIR Newsletter.

EIBIR offers expert advice, professional project management and coordination, dissemination and exploitation services for dedicated international collaborative research projects and clinical studies. EIBIR’s managing experts assist you in preparing your project proposal in all key areas. To learn more about how you can benefit from EIBIR services, take a look at the EIBIR Project Management Services brochure.

The European MR community is very welcome to bring in new project ideas and initiatives. To discuss your idea, please contact the EIBIR office at office@eibir.org.